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Annie Zhong 
20 years Ballroom Dance experience in DMV area.
  • The 1st place at International Latin Pro Am Open Gold Level category C in Capital SportDance Championship nationwide 2021.  

  • The 4th place at International Latin Pro Am Open Gold scholarship in Capital DanceSport Championship nationwide 2019.  

  • The 1st place at International Latin Pro Am Open Gold level in Virginian State DanceSport Championships 2018

  • The 2nd place at International Latin Pro Am Closed Gold scholarship in Capital SportDance Championship nationwide 2008.  

Daniel Calloway
Ballroom Asia DanceSport  Academy Mentor  
FISTD, WDSF Chairman, A and Professional Division Adjudicator
World Championship Chairman of Judges and Adjudicator

• Chairman of Judges at over 200 competitions, including World, North American and US National Championships

• 46 years teaching, competing professionally and judging

• Multiple “Professional of the Year” and “Top Teacher” titles

• Over 20 television and film appearances as performer and expert commentator, including Comcast’s North American Championships and United States DanceSport Championships 

• Lecturer/Coach at over 200 Congresses and Training Camps

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Nicole Heisler 
    From a young age, Nicole was always interested in dance. She did ballet, hip hop and movement class throughout high school. She started taking ballroom dance lessons her last year of high school and joined the ballroom dance team at her local college in Rhode Island the next year. She competed as leader and follower in all four styles at various college competitions. Eventually, she moved to the New York area to complete her B.S. degree in Nutrition and to be near some of the best dancers in the country.
    She has been focusing her competitive career for the past 12 years on International Latin and is an active professional competitor. Recently, she took the Professional Examination in Bronze International Latin, passing highly commended, and is working toward the rest of the certifications through the United States Terpsichore Association (USTA). She enjoys teaching beginner and advanced students alike and gets a lot of joy out of being able to share her love of dancing with others.

Nick Pasch
Excellent Professional dance instructor in DMV area for many years. 
Stephanie Lopez
  • Trained extensively in Salsa, Bachata, and Brazilian Zouk

  • Competed & Won American Rhythm/Smooth Ballroom Competitions 2018-2022

  • Taught at multiple Latin dance studios in the DMV

  • Performs with DC Hula Girls

  • Performed with Classe Dance Company

Philip Leung  (England) 
Event coordinator of Ballroom Asia Dance Studio 
- Current dance instructor in England
-20 Years Professional ballroom dance instructor in HK

YuTing Zhou (Shang Hai China) 
Part time online Instructor 
Ballroom Asia Dance Studio's Business Partner in Shang Hai City 

- Current student in Wu Han Sport Academy Dance major 
- Current dance instructor 
- Seasonal competitor in US
( Advanced appointment needed)
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